​Top 5 ECU Businesses In The U.S.

Posted by NPC on Aug 27th 2023

In our 26 years of doing business with mechanics and individuals alike, we've answered many questions and offered many tips. Out of these, there’s one in particular we feel would help the ECU buying experience more than any other: showing you the top-selling ECU businesses in the country. Whether you are shopping for the lowest price, or trying to “WOW!” your customer with top-quality parts and service, we’ll show you the best company for your needs.

Flagship One, Inc

Flagship One is a New York-based automotive computer supplier with over a decade in the industry. They provide ECMs, PCMs, BCMs, TCMs, IDMs, and a variety of other control units for many domestic and foreign vehicles.

  • A diverse selection of modules and module types, including some less-common types
  • Parts are available for both domestic and foreign makes
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Free shipping is done through USPS Priority Mail, which could take up to a week to arrive
  • 1-3 business day prep before shipping
  • Returns are subject to various non-refundable fees (programming and restocking fee)
  • Warranty claims are not prioritized and may take longer than the original order
  • Any warranty claim requires the first purchase to be sent back in at the customer’s expense

Car Computer Exchange & Online Store

Imperial Car Computer Exchange, based out of Raleigh, NC, is a company specializing in both automotive computers and tuning devices for several domestic makes.

  • Lifetime warranty covers two replacements
  • Some computers are plug and play
  • Limited selection; mostly domestic and only a handful of foreign models
  • 3-10 day prep time before shipping
  • Returns are subject to various non-refundable fees (programming and service fee)
  • Warranty activation requires the original part to be sent in


Flashmasters operates out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and sells ECUs for many domestic and some foreign makes and models.

  • Prices are among the most competitive on the market
  • Website offers detailed instructions on how to identify the correct part number, as well as documentation on relearn procedures
  • Same-day shipping if ordered before 2pm on a weekday
  • No lifetime warranty; most modules are guaranteed for one year, and some GM modules may have a 90-day to six-month warranty.
  • Free shipping is done through USPS Priority Mail, which could take up to a week to arrive


ModuleExperts in Jacksonville, FL both sells and repairs automotive computers of all types and for most makes and models.

  • Very customer-oriented; they view their business more as a service than as sales.
  • Deals in a number of more specialized types of modules that most other companies don’t
  • Very detailed documentation on relearn procedures
  • Repair is their primary business, not sales, so they may not carry the part you need
  • Site shows part listings, but online ordering isn’t currently possible
  • Warranty terms are very strict; DIY installation voids the warranty. Proof of installation by mechanic is required to file a claim. Rebuilt / remanufactured modules cannot be refunded, only replaced.

Solo Auto Electronics

Since 2003, Solo Auto has been selling and repairing ECU and TCU modules for all domestic and several foreign makes and models.

  • Site is fairly easy to navigate and understand, with plenty of useful information regarding automotive computers
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Customer must send in original part within 14 days to avoid core charges and to activate the warranty
  • Does not carry BCMs or other more specialized modules
  • Lifetime warranty must be purchased additionally; default warranty is the lesser of 12 months or 12,000 miles